Welcome to my homepage.  Below are websites that I have created in the past.

Just click on any of the thumbnails below to view the site.

While working at SpenceTek, my first project was to create a new website for them.  This website was for the Topward test instruments.  It has basic mouseovers, drop down menus, and webmail scripts.  I used FrontPage98, Photoshop 5.0, Micrografix Draw, Javascript (for the mouseovers).
A few months later, I decided to refresh the site above.  This is the current site and is still in use.  Someday I may go back and help SpenceTek create a new look.
They also wanted me to create the SpenceTek IT website.  This one was just one of the preliminary sites.  It was never officially opened.
This was the final IT website that I created.
I created this site for SKE Technology Corp. It has mouseovers, animated gif and webmail script (for feedback and comments).
I created this site for OLE in less than a week because the client wanted something finished before their product introduction.  The client chose the menu design and I created most of the images and animated gif.
I tried to make it simple, clean and easy to navigate.  In retrospect, I think I could have made the opening page stand out more.  I created this site for one of my clients while working at SpenceTek.  Unfortunately, Vanguard-USA no longer exist.

Thank You!