Specification for Topward 1220 Frequency Counter

Frequency Range 0.1Hz to 3GHz
Display Digits 8 Digits 0.5" Green LED Displays
Range (Direct) 0.1Hz to 100MHz
Range (Pre-Scale) 100MHz to 3GHz
Gate Time (Direct) 0.01S, 0.1S, 1S, 10S
Gate Time (Pre-Scale) 0.05S, 0.512S, 5.12S, 51.2S
Resolution (Direct) 100Hz, 10Hz, 1Hz, 0.1Hz
Resolution (Pre-Scale) 10KHz, 1KHz, 100Hz, 10Hz
Accuracy (1 count + Timebase Accuracy + Trigger Error)
Sensitivity (CH-A) (15mVrms) / 100MHz
Sensitivity (CH-C) -27dBm (10mVrms) / 2.7GHz; -21dBm (20mVrms) / 3GHz
Impedance (CH-A) 1MW
Impedance (CH-C) 50W
Attenuator (CH-A) X1, X20
AC / DC Coupling Only on Channel A
Low Pass Filter 100KHz nominal 3dB point (Channel A Only)
Trigger Level ADJ. Only on Channel A (+2.5VDC to –2.5VDC)
Freq. (Direct) 10MHz 10ppm
Freq. (Pre-Scale) 19.53125MHz 2.5ppm
Power Source ACV 115V / 230V, 10%, 60Hz / 50Hz
Dimension 262 (W) x 85 (H) x 260 (D)
Gross Weight 1.6Kg
Accessories ACS-003 BNC to clip X1, Operation manual X1