SpenceTek, specializes in the following areas:

  • Consulting Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Internet Connectivity Services
  • World Wide Web Server Implementation
  • Support Services
  • Training

Consulting Services

SpenceTek offers extensive experience and innovation in Systems Integration, Solution Implementation and Product Support to our customers.  We delineate an action plan for our customer's business challenge, discern a cost-effective solution, an work with them to deliver a customized solution that achieves desired results.

Systems Integration

SpenceTek draws its skills and expertise from an experienced team of systems professionals that knows how to get the job done.  SpenceTek, Inc. specializes in:

Local Area Network (LAN)
Wide Area Network (WAN)
Remote Access
Large-Scale Project Management
Windows NT
Multi-platform Networks

Internet Connectivity Services

SpenceTek develops an implementation plan that fits our customer's needs.  We have experience in providing the global links that bridge information gaps across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

World Wide Web Server Implementation

Monitoring and Support Services
Hardware and Software Sales
Installation and Support of Software
E-mail and Messaging Gateways
Security and Unauthorized Access Prevention

Support Services

Improving a customer information system through developing and implementing solutions is where SpenceTek, Inc. shines brightest.   However, should a problem occur, we have staff that will call at a moment's notice.   Our engineers are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to get your system back on-line as soon as possible.  We offer ongoing support in the form of pre-paid contracts, or on a time and material basis.  New hardware and software solutions are also installed when needed.  SpenceTek, Inc. support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for disaster prevention and recovery services.


Good solutions are only as good as people who use them!  After a business solution plan has been implemented, our engineers take care to ensure that a smooth transition is made while users are adjusting to their new system.  Training allows users to make the most of newly acquired technology and minimizes the headaches of managing the system.  Customized training is provided on-site on a number of topics.

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