About Vanguard International Semiconductor-America VIS-A was incorporated in 1996 as a wholly owned subsidiary company of Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VISC).  The parent company, VISC, was established in Taiwan as a forward-looking developer and high-volume manufacturer of DRAM and other IC products.  VISC began commercial memory production in 1995 on its own 8" wafer processing line, and has since added a second 8" fab.  VISC has aggressively developed new IC process technologies, scaling, progressively down to 0.19 Ám.  VISC continues to pursue future technology development activities with TSMC, Powerchip Semiconductor, and Mitsubishi Electric Corp.


VIS-A was set up in the heart of Silicon Valley as the flagship American product design team.  We are located here because of our proximity to industry resources and to future Vanguard customers.  Our mission is to develop advanced product designs for manufacture by our parent company, and our intent is to utilize innovative strategies that complement our parent's manufacturing and productization strengths.  We aim not for where our competitors are but for where we want to be.   We do not expect our tasks to be comfortable or easy - they will instead challenge us to the limits of our abilities.

Correspondingly, the difficulty of our job requires that VIS-A's employees themselves be anything but ordinary!  Enthusiasm, innovative thinking, a willingness to look at new ideas, and a determination to work very hard are all essential ingredients to our success.  We are a select group and we take pride in ourselves and our organization.  Management at VIS-A reflects and supports these expectations by encouraging new ideas that further our goals, by providing compensation and incentives that reward hard work and success, and by showing respect to all of our employees.


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