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Click for larger image.A privately held firm, SKE Technology Corp is a manufacturer of physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems.  As optical storage density increases, deposition equipment manufacturing by SKE Technology Corp becomes increasingly important for media manufacturers.

We provide solutions for high density, removable, rewritable CD/DVD media sputtering.

SKE Technology Corp has developed a sputtering cathode that is the best on the market.  The cathode, combined with our unique transfer method, offers the lowest cost of ownership to our customers.


Company Background

SKE Technology Corp was founded in 1997, with the vision of developing and manufacturing a dedicated high density, removable, rewritable sputtering system.  The system will provide the best film quality at the lowest cost.

Click for larger image.We have developed the industry's most advanced sputter system for the production of optical storage media.  The product development leverages our proprietary cathode design and unique horizontal sputtering process technology.

Since the inception of our operations in mid 1998, we have focused our efforts on developing the SKE system and validating the product with a beta site.

In particular, we have identified strategic optical storage media markets with compelling business needs for SKE's product.  Our product is designed to significantly improve system reliability, product yield, and overall production costs in the rapidly growing optical storage media industry.  We plan to enter the market for the rewritable CD media (CD-RW) with the higher-performance and lower-cost SKE product.  Our technology will also extend to meet the features and functionalities needed to meet the emerging growth market for DVD-rewritable media.

In 1998, we formed a strategic partnership with Steag-Hamatech of Germany, the global leading provider of complete production lines for recordable CD (CD-R) and rewritable CD (CD-RW) media.  Our mission is to become a leading worldwide supplier of highly advanced sputter systems, which is a major component in the production line of optical storage media.

We incorporated in December 1997 as a California corporation, and our operations began in mid 1998.  Our principal office is located at 41960 Christy Street, Fremont, California, 94538. Our telephone number is (510) 979-5800 and fax number is (510) 979-1884.



Market analyses by Strategic Marketing Decisions (SMD) and our internal assessments similarly indicate that the retrievable optical storage media market is rapidly expanding.  According to SMD, the combination CD-R/RW drive for CDs that are recordable only once (CD-R) as well as CDs that are rewritable many times (CD-RW) will grow dramatically, starting in the year 2000.   PC manufacturers accepted the CD-R/RW format and are moving to integrate the drive as a standard component.  Shipments of CD-R/RW drives at the beginning of year 2000 is projected to be 30 million units in annualized run-rate and will increase exponentially, according to SMD.

Unlike CD-R, CD-RW offers the best of both worlds - editing ability at an affordable price.  As PC manufacturers embrace CD-R/RW drives as a standard storage device, media manufacturers want a reliable sputtering supplier who can provide a better sputter machine to produce high quality discs.  The SKE Technology team comes from the semiconductor PVD equipment industry.  After 2 years of intense R&D, SKE Technology has a new sputter system specifically designed for CD-RW media production.


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41960 Christy Street
Fremont, CA 94538
TEL: (510) 979-5800
FAX: (510) 979-1884

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