Introducing ADVANCE™

Click for larger image.SKE's core technology is horizontal sputtering using a proprietary cathode design that provides benefits to disc manufacturers with higher yield, higher film quality and lower cost.

Sputter systems on the market today use cathode designs that only work with vertical sputtering.  Vertical sputtering requires complicated substrate-handling, because while the substrate moves horizontally, it has to be grabbed and rotated 90 degrees to a vertical position for sputtering.   The many mechanical movements in vacuum are known to cause particulate contamination in the deposited films.  Vertical sputtering results in low uptime and low yield.

SKE's proprietary cathode design allows the substrate to be placed horizontally during sputtering.  Horizontal sputtering greatly simplifies substrate-handling and mechanical movements, and eliminates the major source of particle generation.  As a result, horizontal sputtering significantly increases film quality, product yield and system uptime.

ADVANCE™ Differentiators:
  • Highest target utilization in the industry.

  • Increased target life, resulting in significant cost savings.

  • "Non-contact" disc transport mechanism, for reducing particles and maintenance.

  • Superior temperature control.

  • Robust and easy to maintain.


Main ADVANCE™ Features

6 Process Chambers for CD-RW

Upgradable to 7 Chambers for DVD

Simple design utilizing horizontal disc handling

High throughput and uptime

Patent pending long life shields and masks

Patent pending cathodes for high deposition rates & excellent unformity

Optimized for low cost of ownership

Flexible installation for efficient floor space use

Optional Front End Loader for batch disc processing



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ADVANCE™ Product Specifications
Throughput > 600 discs per hour
Film Deposition Rates  
Buffer > 115 A/sec
Phase Change > 80 A/sec
Reflective Layer > 200 A/sec
Film Uniformity Better than 3% (all films)
Shield Life > 24 hours
Mask Life > 12 hours
Footprint < 4.65 m (50 ft)
Reliability > 90% uptime
Process and Product Support

SKE Technology also offers extensive process support and technology know-how.  We have experts from both storage media manufacturing and semiconductor equipment industries to help determine the ideal process conditions for your media substrates to maximize yield and quality.  In additions, we offer excellent product support and on-site field service to maintain ADVANCE at top performance through system acceptance.



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