The Company Communications, Inc. is based in San Jose, California to develop, manufacture and market a bi-directional, Internet access device for ultra-fast access via CATV broadband network or Public-Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and to provide the home networking solution via the existing phone lines.  In contrast to all the prior proprietary designs, Communications'   first product is based on the latest cable industry consortium standards, Multimedia Cable Network System (MCNS) for high speed two-way internet access via the existing cable infrastructure, and Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA) standard for simple, robust and cost-effective solution to network in-house information appliances using the existing phonelines.  Communications' product serves residential and Small Office/HomeOffice (SOHO) markets.

In summary, we focus on developing products based on the emerging broadband communication technologies to provide connectivity for personal computers and other consumer information appliances for residential and SOHO markets.



Contact Information Tel:  408-467-1680   x234
Fax: 408-452-8898



Map & Directions

Our offices are located in the beautiful downtown area of San Jose.



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