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This is your entry to Communcations worldwide.  Most sites use the native language of the country they represent.

San Jose

1962 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95112
Tel:     1-408-467-1680 x234
Fax:    1-408-452-8988

Asia Pacific

12F, No. 89, Sec. 5
Nan King East Road
Taipei 105, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel:    011-886-2-2747-4780
Fax:   011-886-2-2747-9220



FAQs * What is HomeGateway ?

A "HomeGateway" is a networking device that connects ALL home and/or small office communication to the outside world. The media used can be one of cable television network, digital-subscriber-line(DSL), or wireless.

* What is a cable modem ?

A "Cable Modem" is a networking device that allows high speed information access(e.g. high-speed Internet access) via existing cable television network.

* How fast is cable modem ?

The maximum downstream speed is 27 Mbps. 10 Mbps can be achieved in the upstream direction.  As the cable network is a shared medium with many subscribers connected to the same channel simultaneously, a more realistic speed estimate would be upto 10 Mhz downstream and 2.5 Mhz upstream.

* What about privacy using cable modems?

Because cable televsion network is shared media, traffic to and from your computer shares the same wire with traffic from other cable modem subscribers on the network. Data security is handled by the built-in cable modem encryption as described in DOCSIS spec. No private data can be seen by any other cable subscribers.



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