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September 28, 1999
D2 Technologies, Inc. and OL'E Communications team up to deliver robust and cost-effective voice over cable modem solutions to residential and SOHO markets

ATLANTA, Voice Over the Net Conference (BUSINESS WIRE) September 28, 1999, D2 Technologies a leading supplier of DSP software, and OL'E Communication Inc., an emerging market leader in the design and manufacturer of broadband Internet access devices, today announced that the two companies have formed a partnership to port D2's DSP software to OL'E's Homegateway Products. First shipments of OL'E's Homegateway with D2's DSP technology are expected in Q2 2000.

D2's VoIP solutions for Packet Cable Modem MTA, provide Cable Network broadband access solution providers with highly portable and flexible DSP software designed to address the different telephony signal processing requirements for converging and routing voice and data over a single network-access line. D2 VoIP solutions include field proven software components such as voice coders and echo cancellers that can be used as building blocks for a customer system, and an integrated software solution, PakIT-Voice that provides all the necessary voice processing functions for voice and fax over IP, voice over frame relay, and voice over ATM systems.

OL'E's DOCSIS-based Homegateway product, HomeGater, leverages existing data over Cable Modem technology by providing a bi-directional, high speed Internet access via CATV broadband network. The HomeGater functions as a bridging internetworking device to provide data transmission service between the cable and Ethernet/USB interfaces with traffic shaping, firewall, data encryption, standard SNMP, MIBs and OLE Communications proprietary MIB supports.

"D2 is very pleased to be working with OL'E Communication because their years of experience and industry strength in designing and manufacturing internet access devices via Cable Network," said David Wong, President of D2 Technologies, Inc. "OL'E's HomeGater combined with D2's innovative DSP software will provide residential and Small Office/Home Office markets with a simple, high voice quality and cost effective solution for internet access via cable network."

"We chose D2 because their extensive computer telephony and DSP experience. D2's highly optimized voice coders and echo cancellers provided us with the functionality we needed to efficiently converge and packetize voice and data," said Dustin Doo, President of OL'E Communications. "By utilizing D2's products we will be able to add new call management features over the home network."

About D2 Technologies, Inc.

Based in Santa Barbara California, D2 Technologies, Inc, is a leading supplier of innovative and cost-effective digital signal processing solutions for Next Generation Telephony. D2 develops, markets and supports DSP solutions for voice mail, IVR, call centers, digital voice switching, smart phones, wireless systems, voice over packets gateways, as well as VoIP for Ethernet, DSL, and cable modem. D2 offers off-the-shelf software components, integrated solutions, and turnkey engineering services to help customers achieve maximum performance in the shortest possible time. D2’s products are field proven and have been incorporated into a wide range of industry leading computer and internet telephony systems. D2’s customers include some of the largest telecommunications manufacturers in the industry. Company news and product information is available at

About OL'E Communications, Inc.

OL'E Communications, Inc. based on San Jose, California to develops, manufactures and markets a bi-directional, broadband access devices for high speed Internet access. OL’E Communication's focuses on residential and SOHO broadband market segments, and develops technologies and products bridging the emerging broadband communications to residential homes, SOHO as well as interconnecting in-house information appliances by utilizing the existing phone wire, power line, Ethernet or wireless solutions. Company news and product information is available at



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